Contact Me

The best and easiest way of contacting me is by e-mail. I check my e-mail on a regular basis and tend to reply to requests for information promptly. E-mail contacts permit me to research questions and provide complete, accurate answers to queries in a timely and efficient manner. E-mail should be sent to Connie(at)ConnieSilber(dot)com. If you have complaints or suggestions for my web page, those should be address to me as well, and I will forward them to my poor, beleaguered webmaster.

If you need or want to mail me something, my mailing address is:

Connie S. Silber
4101 Chamberlain Circle
Bryan, TX  77802-6040

Contact by telephone is a little bit harder to predict and schedule. My home phone number, where I can normally be reached, is 979-776-0272, and there is an answering machine to take messages when I am not here. My cell phone number is 979-575-6689, but you should probably avoid trying this as a means of contacting me. My cell phone is usually turned off unless I am traveling. I do *NOT* routinely check for voice mail messages on the cell phone (I probably should) so do not be surprised if I miss your cell phone calls.